Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex is a brand new physics puzzle game from Rovio, the team behind the International hit, Angry Birds. Alex uses an arsenal of items found in The Classroom, The Backyard, The Treehouse and Alex's Room to create amazing chain reactions. Your job is to help Alex create the chain reactions and achieve 3 Stars on all 100 levels. As each chapter progresses, the levels get more and more difficult. If you need help finding a solution for any level, this is the place you need to be. Amazing Alex Walkthrough features detailed walkthrough videos that show our solution for every level or every chapter in the game. Feel free to send up screenshots of your solutions or add your comments on any page. Thanks for visiting. We welcome any suggestions.

The Classroom

Amazing Alex Walkthrough
Level 1 - Level 32
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The Backyard

Amazing Alex Walkthrough
Level 1 - Level 16
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Alex's Bedroom

Amazing Alex Walkthrough
Level 1 - Level 32
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The Treehouse

Amazing Alex Walkthrough
Level 1 - Level 32
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Jul 2012

8 Responses to : Amazing Alex Walkthrough

  1. Kurt says:

    First of all, I love your site. When a level gets to the point I feel like throwing my iPhone through the wall, I use your site to look up a solution.

    While it’s not a big thing, I assume you want your site to be the best it can be.

    The Classroom graphic above has the words “The Backyard” underneath it. Likewise, the Backyard graphic has the words “The Classroom” underneath it. They must have been switched.

    Just thought you would want to know. Once again, love your site.

    • AlexAdmin says:

      Thanks for using our site and for posting this comment. Not sure how we got that mixed up, but it’s fixed now.

      AAW Admin

  2. kizi says:

    Rovio does it again… thanks for share good video

  3. Matt says:

    Fantastic site, highly recommended to those who are getting infuriated with some levels! Really clear and faithful to the design of Rovio’s latest physics game. Worth getting a community of ‘create your own’ levels with user reviews going?

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Sara Hutchins says:

    Do you have to have a certain amount of stars to unlock the treehouse?



    Wish there was a way players could rate submitted games so players could download a) challenging games, b) easy to solve, or c) submissions that solve themselves.

    Would like to be able to avoid submissions that solve themselves.

    Also would like to be able to downlooad more than one at a time.

  6. jack says:

    Do you:-)

  7. Lori says:

    Looking for a solution for level of the week, Blind Driving??

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