Amazing Alex is the new physics-based puzzle game that has the world abuzz. Alex is a smart kid who utilizes a number of random items to create pathways for objects to reach their final destination. The launch of this game has started with 100 levels that feature 4 chapters – The Classroom, The Backyard, Alex’s Bedroom and The Treehouse. Each group of levels features random objects within that theme. Using your brain power, there are pathways that the ball(s) can travel to reach their final resting point. Pipes, books, erasers and other random objects will be at your disposal and piecing them together to create the proper pathway is the difference between you landing the coveted 3 stars or having to try again.

Be forewarned, though, these levels get harder as the game progresses. It’s going to take a lot of thought and a little bit of luck to make it. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough is your one-stop website on the internet for all things Amazing Alex. Amazing Alex Walkthroughs is dedicated to bringing you 3-star walkthroughs for each level and tips on how to advance to the next level. As you continue to advance in the game, the levels will prove to be more difficult. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are set up to help you with questions and help spread news quickly, as it develops.

The mobile app giant, Rovio Mobile (makers of Angry Birds) have debuted Amazing Alex, as another entrant into the ever-growing Physics gaming genre.

Jul 2012

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